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VoterHistory.com delivers the information you need with a user-friendly search engine. This allows you to search on the most important criteria to help your campaign succeed. You can then refine your searches to extend your reach to more productiv

e prospective voters.

For example:

Say you need details about voters in two precincts important to your campaign – you can utilize our search engine to find:

- all voters who are R3 (voted in the last 3 republican primary elections)

- and all voters who are G3 (voted in last 3 general elections, and are independent voters)

- and all voters who never voted in any primary elections in last 10 years..

VoterHistory.com lets you focus on the overall numbers of voters with many characteristics. It’s easy to discover, strategize, and implement with voterhistory.com, the most flexible, responsive and user-friendly voter database available.

And yes, once you complete a search, the results are immediately displayed on Google maps. You’re welcome.

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