We Offer Cutting Edge Campaign Data Technology for All Stages
Our Unique Data Solutions will Exceed Your Expectations and Deliver Results
It’s time to take your political campaign to the next level. Why wait? Let us help you succeed today.
  • Voterhistory is cutting edge campaign technology for finding and tracking voter
    at an any stage of a political campaign.
  • Find the voters you want quickly and easily.
  • Quickly analyze groups and identify Individuals.
  • We deliver the information you need with a user-friendly search engine.
  • You search on the most important criteria to help your campaign succeed.
  • You can refine your searches to target more and more prospective voters.

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    Enabling Your Campaign
  • Whether your campaign needs walk lists, phone lists, or mailing lists, we can do it all.
  • Our lists are more efficient than ever before. For example, generate a walk list that includes a street name break or a walk List Summary that shows real counts of voters by street name and block range.
  • Let’s revolutionize your ground game!

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    Search Criteria
  • We can take you outside the box in your search for voters quickly and easily using valuable criteria.
  • Flexibility, precision and accuracy.
  • You can import your own data into our system.
  • You can add Voter Card field name.
  • You can import and export data.
  • The possibilities are endless with our search engine

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